2017 Common App Essay Prompt Tips and Advice Video

the common application writing section consists of several prompts you can choose from now what I’m going to do is explain in simple terms how to tackle each of these prompts so the first prompt reads like this some students have a background identity interest or talent that is so meaningful they believe their application would be incomplete without it if this sounds like you then please share your story now the first thing that you need to take note of is the word count is 650 words which is not a lot the best thing you can do in this instance is write your essay and when you’re done truncated and take out anything that is superfluous meaning anything that doesn’t absolutely need to be there so as an international student this is a good opportunity to write about your culture your country and how it is shaped you for example if you grew up in a country with specific politics or history talk about it and how it relates to you anything that will make you stand out from all the other essays that the office of admission receives this is a good essay prompt to set yourself apart at the same time the prompt also includes the word Talent this could mean hobbies or passions you might have so if you grew up playing soccer practicing ballet or painting by all means talk about it and how it has taught you about discipline and hard work this is a great opportunity to describe to the admissions office who you are what makes unique and what are the factors that contributed to your individuality ask yourself are you an athlete are you an artist a scientist you can really paint a picture with this prompt if you’re stuck with an open-ended question like this one think about something you’re passionate about it could mean something simple did an event change or shape you play that you saw a city that you move to did you switch schools on a last but very important note you should write an outline or skeleton of your essay with the beginning middle and ending paragraphs make sure your topic sentence is clear in your introduction think of your essay as a sandwich the first bread being the introduction the body is the meat and the bottom bread is the conclusion if you need to show it to a friend or a teacher to proofread it by all means do it good luck

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